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FotoThunder is an event photography service of StreetSafari, Inc.

Our photos provide a one-of-a-kind, personal souvenir of your motoring adventure.

Photographers are stationed regularly at various corners of Val di FotoThunder.

We capture action images of motorcycles, bicycles, sports cars, and other performance vehicles.

High resolution copies are available for only $10.00 each.

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To be simple, here is the summary

This is a summary of everything else written below. “You” are our customer. “We” are FotoThunder.com or StreetSafari, Inc.

  • All content of FotoThunder.com is copyright StreetSafari, Inc.
  • When you buy an image, we allow you to use your images for almost anything you like, as long as you don’t try to make money from it, or claim someone else (you or another) took the photograph.
  • If you show our Fotos off, please be nice and give us credit for it. We appreciate it.
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  • We do not share your information with anyone.
  • We take photographs on public roadways and public spaces.
  • We remove image when requested. Use our Contact Form.
  • FotoThunder.com photographers are plainly identified.
  • Our photographers are not responsible for any damages to anyone for any reason.
  • Support is handled through our Contact Form ONLY.
  • Support is provided in English.
  • Refunds are only offered in rare and special circumstances. Contact us if you have an issue.
  • Please be patient while support handles your email.

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Copyright, License and Image Use Policies

All content on FotoThunder.com (“Website”) is the copyright of StreetSafari, Inc., A Florida Corporation. (“We”, “Us”, or “Our”).

FotoThunder.com is an online marketplace for the sale of downloadable digital photographs (“Fotos”). Images are produced in public areas or on private property with the permission of property owner(s).

All purchased images are provided strictly as intangible, digitally downloadable goods.

No images, text, files, programming code or other content of this site may be downloaded without the purchase of a License for said image(s).

The purchase of any product or service of StreetSafari, Inc. does not transfer copyright.

With the purchase of any image(s) from FotoThunder.com, StreetSafari, Inc. (“Licensor”) grants to the purchaser (“Licensee”) a non-exclusive, non-transferable license for the use of the image(s). The Licensee may copy, print or reproduce the image for their own personal use.

The Licensee may not resell the images, either individually or in any collection or derivative product or collection. The Licensee may not claim copyright, ownership, or creation or the image(s).

The Licensee should credit FotoThunder.com as the copyright holder of the image when displaying publicly, including but not limited to personal websites or blogs. A link to our website is appreciated, but not required. For Licensed images posted to social media, we request the courtesy of a link to either FotoThunder.com or our Facebook Page. Again, this link is not required, but greatly appreciated.


Privacy and Content Removal Policies

Third Party Websites and Payment Processing

FotoThunder.com uses PayPal as our exclusive payment processor. StreetSafari, Inc. does not request, collect, or obtain any financial data from our customers, either directly or from PayPal, other than the total purchase amount. We may collect other data necessary to fulfill the customer order. PayPal is solely responsible for its own policies, services, and performance. Please visit PayPal for complete details.

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FotoThunder.com uses cookies to properly function. These cookies uses include, but are not limited to, navigation, shopping cart functions, and order fulfillment. Website visitors must consent to the use of cookies in order to access FotoThunder.com, or any other website that may be part of the objectives of FotoThunder.com. Our website may participate from time to time in analytical analysis from sites such as Google and similar sites and services.

FotoThunder.com may collect other data that is voluntarily and expressly provided by site visitors. Examples include, but are not limited to, names, email addresses and content of support and email inquiries made through our website.

StreetSafari, Inc. does not share these types of collected information with third parties. We may, however, at our sole discretion and from time to time, use provided email addresses to communicate with site visitors. Providing email addresses through FotoThunder.com is consent for this contact. This consent may be revoked at any time by contacting us as directed in the communications received.

However, any information collected by Third Party websites is outside the control of StreetSafari, Inc.

Fair Use and Content Removal Policies

Images at FotoThunder.com are produced in good faith as fair use in public areas or on private property with the permission of property owner(s). Appearance in public areas is accepted by FotoThunder.com as implied consent. Subjects have the right to deny (at the time the Foto is taken) or later revoke this consent as provided below.

If a Foto is taken before consent is revoked, it may not be possible to delete images immediately.

Official FotoThunder.com photographers are clearly marked and identifiable. StreetSafari, Inc. assumes no responsibility or liability for the actions, inactions, errors, commissions, or omissions of any photographer, contractor, employee, agent, or other person assigned, for any reason, with any result, at any time or place whatsoever.

By consenting to be photographed, subjects grant a non-exclusive right to StreetSafari, Inc. and its service FotoThunder.com to use the subject’s likeness in any media necessary to the fulfillment of the website’s stated purpose, now and in the future. This consent may be revoked at any time by contacting us as provided below.

StreetSafari, Inc. may, from time to time and at its sole discretion, remove images from the public portion of the FotoThunder.com site. To request the removal of specific images, please use our Contact Form to provide the information necessary to identify and remove the image(s).

Sales, Support and Refund Policies

The Sales Process

The FotoThunder.com sales process is simple. Images are arranged by year, month, day, and time. Search for your image, select the images, review your shopping cart, checkout with PayPal, then allow time for your high resolution images to upload. After a short time, you are able to download your image from our site.

We use only PayPal. Because our customers are from many nations, this is the only payment option. Direct transfers to us are not possible. All sales are Euros.

We may, from time to time, offer special pricing or discounts on some or all images. If special pricing is available, this will be clearly stated. Special pricing is only available before the sale. We can not change the price after PayPal has processed the payment.


This is all very simple, but occasionally problems arise.

Support is provided through our website contact page only. We do not provide support through Facebook, PayPal, or direct email. The person(s) receiving your contact form will be best able to assist you.

Support is in ENGLISH ONLY. We have found that our customers speak many languages, but most have English in common. Most inquiries are simple, or are already answered in our FAQ section.

Please do not contact us to ask “Where am I?” If you do not know approximately what time you came past, we certainly will not know. There are thousands of images daily. Our job is to take them, it is your job to view them.

Please be patient while your support call is submitted. We work very long hours taking photographs every day of the week and your support call may be passed to different staff to help your issue. It is possible that your question was too vague or general to be answered. Please try again, with more detail.

Refunds and Replacements

Because our products are intangible, digital downloads, we are unable to offer refunds. Rare exceptions are duplicate purchases, purchasing the wrong image, or an imperfect image. If your image is not correctly focused, please contact us so that we can replace or refund the image. We take great pride in the quality of our images..